Mango Salmon Roll Recipe (Better Than Restaurant Quality)

mango salmon roll

This mango salmon roll has it all. The light and refreshing sweetness of ripe mango. That creamy smoothness of avocado. The fatty perfection of salmon. That crunchy satisfaction of cucumber and a well-fried tempura. And some days, these mango salmon rolls are one of the things holding my marriage together. I love my husband. But … Read more

Dak Gomtang: A Medicinal Korean Chicken Rice Soup

dak gomtang

Winter is coming. Which means it’s time for dak gomtang. This Korean chicken soup recipe is the ultimate comfort food. And it’s so nutritious, so nourishing, that it’s practically medicinal. It’s one of the first things I start cooking up when the weather starts to chill. Or just when someone in my family starts sneezing. … Read more

Hwe Dup Bap (aka Sashimi Bibimbap)

hwe dup bap

Hwe dup bap has many names in the West. The Korean poke bowl. Sashimi bibimbap. Poke bibimbap. Korean chirashi. Korean sushi bowl. You get the idea. But they all refer to this one very special dish. It consists of just fresh fish, fresh veggies, rice, and a tart spicy spice that you will crave forever … Read more

20 Minute Hoisin Chicken Recipe

This hoisin chicken recipe is the tastiest, easiest crowd pleaser. Just one skillet does it all. There’s no marinade time. There are no obscure ingredients. You toss stuff in, let the heat do the work, and you’re left with tender, juicy chicken thigh smothered in a sweet, tangy, and smoky sauce that leaves you wanting … Read more

The Easiest Shrimp Tempura Recipe Ever

shrimp tempura recipe

Everybody needs a trusty shrimp tempura recipe. One that gets you that delicious, delicate crisp on the outside while retaining that tender, juiciness on the inside. Not just because you can snack on these crispy and succulent shrimp sticks until the cows come home. But because prawn tempura is the cherry on top of so … Read more